The Hospice Gran Fondo

Lockport, NY

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Bernie $1,500.00
Ann Marie Willis $1,105.00
Ghostrider $983.00
Buckets $751.00
William Erdley $390.00
Alexis Willis $250.00
Brian Wells $200.00
kcorcoran $103.00
Ccamkids $100.00
Meg Bragdon $50.00

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Niagara hospice has touched our family in many ways. My stepdad ( Bob Bushover) had dementia and Parkinson's and his end of life care at hospice was as kind and peaceful of a passing that any family could ask for. The compassion of the nurses , aids and volunteers was incredible both for my step dad but for our family as well. My mom (Annette Bushover) years later after 2 lung cancer surgeries at Roswell in 2009&2018 the cancer came back with a vengeance in nov 2019 and entered Niagara hospice in February 2020 . She also received the most kind and tender care we could have hoped for. She passed with her family surrounding her. I feel participating in the grand fondo is a small way to show my appreciation for Niagara hospice and sponsoring me would be greatly appreciated. Please consider donating to our team for this amazing organization.

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Name Goal Amount Raised
Alexis Willis $250.00 $250.00
Ann Marie Willis $500.00 $1,105.00
Brian Wells $200.00 $200.00

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Anonymous $50.00
Therese ORourke $100.00
David & Lisa Ciezki $100.00
Ron Willis $50.00
Ron Willis $50.00
Pamela Willis $100.00
Sarah Niese $100.00
Jennifer Bonfante $50.00
Debra Pawlak $50.00
Dana Roetzer $50.00
Paul & Rae Lyne Melancon $50.00
Kelly Sears $100.00
lisa colby $25.00
John & Maureen Ahrens $150.00
Susan/paul and Patricia Wendt $130.00
Trevor Wendt $150.00
Name Undisclosed $50.00
Brian Wells $100.00
Bob & Carol Reese $100.00
Kim Hineman $50.00
Lori Farmer $50.00
Lynn Simonian $25.00
Maria Peterson $100.00
Dr. John Herman $100.00
Howard Fritzke $50.00
Leslie Stevens $25.00
Offline $225.00
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