The Hospice Gran Fondo

Olcott, NY

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Top Teams

Team Artie $2,339.00
Team Terry $1,885.00
Zzingerz $1,779.00
The Rolling Nomes $1,105.00
Team Krull $930.00
Niagara Endurance Fitness $520.00
The Chosen None $200.00
Team RePete $50.00

Stephen Goodmam

I'm a team member of: Zzingerz

Zzingerz is raising money for Hospice in memory of Thomas Parker who died In December from cancer.

Thom was a Zzingerz. Please help support us by riding and or contributing to this great organization.


My Contributors

Marie Miller $25.00
Julie and Chuck Dersarkissian $100.00
Marcia Nixon $50.00
Janet Kwarciak $20.00
Robert Collins $50.00
Gary and lynn Sprague $20.00
Alan Ingraham $50.00